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Product How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less, Without Stressing Yourself to Death

You Are Probably Like My Friends Are Now, And How I Was a Few Years Ago:

  • The Prospect of Writing a Book is like this big scary monster for me.
  • I Don't Feel Like I Have Enough Time, and so I never start.
  • I Have 95% of the Material for Another Book, but I just can't seem to get over the hump. I need an easier process.
  • Writing a Book Is Like an "Off-Road Journey," with no maps or signposts to help you reach your destination.
  • I Feel Like I Am Walking through a Dark, Mushy, Scary Path, with so many questions and insecurities that my inner critic paralyzes me when I try to write.
  • In Order to Just Start, I would need a process to break the project down into smaller manageable chunks.

"How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less, Without Stressing Yourself to Death" will help you overcome each of these issues.

The course consists of six modules:

Module 1: Overview - What Kind of Book Do You Want to Write?

Module 2: Query Letters: The "Hail Mary" for Traditional Publishing - Fast Writing: "The Secret Sauce"

Module 3: Setting Up Your Block Parties: Once This Is Done, Your Book Will Cry Out To Be Written - Nonfiction Writing - Fiction Writing

Module 4: Go Digital Too: Probably Your Fastest Way to Bestseller Status!

Module 5: How to Write Your Book Without Writing! - Panel Discussion "How We Did It!"

Module 6: Self Editing - "The Triple Whammy" Pulling It All Together - Now, Finish Your Book If You Haven't Already!


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