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Product Total Results Writing and Publishing Coaching Program Installment Option

This is identical to the single-pay Total Results Writing and Publishing Coaching Program; However, you are able to pay in six installments. In this six-month coaching program, you will explore 6 key areas that will help you write the book you have long desired to write. You will examine the overall concept of your book and break the process down into specific, manageable steps. You will get past the "big scary monster" feeling of intimidation when it comes to the thought of writing. When we get to the end, you will have high-quality rough draft finished and edited. You will also have your book published in digital as well as print format. We will pursue the options of traditional publishing, self publishing, and hybrid publishing. This training will open new doors to exciting opportunities in the book-writing world!


Payment structure 3600.00 USD split into 6 payments of 600 USD every 30 days

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1st payment of 600.00 USD